The message I got was that it's a sin to have children

That was shown by the interference I got in developing.

It happens. I’m a hybrid demon-angel. I love you.


I’ve been told that it’s a sin to have children because I have MD and it’s genetic.
(Which is a lie. My faith doesn’t have any rules against genetic disorders. All disabilities are welcome)

I’m not religious so i don’t believe in sin. However, i do believe that i should never have children.

I’m not religious either, but I do think some people should really think long and hard about having kids. There are a lot of people on here that are terrified of everything and can’t leave the house because of stress triggers and kids take a lot of work and their needs come first. There are still a lot of people who refuse to believe that they have delusions and will argue to the core that they are real. I think it’s more dangerous to kids when the parent thinks the delusions are real rather then coming to terms with the illness. I think it comes down to what you can actually handle. But if you’re so debilitated that your paranoia controls how you live then having children might not be the best idea. It wouldn’t be fair to put something that heavy on a child. They shouldn’t live their lives stuck in a house and not experiencing life, but again it just depends on the severity of the situation. As far as them having an illness, yes genetics come in to play but it’s not a guarantee they will have the illness. If it were a guarantee I would not do that to my child, but that’s me.


Sin is another way of saying “wrong”

Had I known what was going to happen in my life I never would have had children. I was an academic with big ambitions. I didn’t know I’d get OCD and SZA which really didn’t surface profoundly until after my son was born. Of course I was naive in thinking I couldn’t get pregnant with my son bc I was already like 34 and didn’t think my plumbing worked anymore.
Children pay the price of your illness

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We can’t tell you what to do, it’s your life but the child’s needs would have to come first over your own needs. And if your child was passed this illness that’s a lot to deal with. Who told you it was a sin?

Are you saying it’s a sin to have children because we are schizo? Or is it a sin just because you would be doing the nasty? What jerk told you that anyway?

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Talk about “sins” make me angry. Sin is a false construct created to keep people in line and not question religious authorities in historical times.

Things are not black and white, there are shades of gray. Having children is a personal choice and never a “sin”.

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I don’t see things in black white or grey @ZombieMombie to me everything is green.

Maybe some purple? @Qwerty


@anon12381882 and @Pinkbarbie23 My grandmother taught my mother shame in pregnancy, that you shouldn’t “show” in your “confinement”. It’s terribly old fashioned but affected us.

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Doesn’t this constitute religious discussion @anon9798425 @ninjastar

If that is so the whole thread better go because sin is religious.


The rule is no religion, except for seeking help overcoming delusions/upsetting beliefs. This is clearly upsetting @chordy, and she clearly wants help with it.

It’s kind of tricky because chordy deserves help because that is a ridiculous thing to have been taught but for the thread to delve into the reality of sin isn’t really something I think chordy wants or needs.

it has everything to do with helping someone get over a delusion. Just because you don’t like my statement doesn’t make it less helpful to tell someone there’s no such thing except in our mind s.
*edit to add- that’s where all delusions begin so itis relevant.

That sin is something only in our minds is a religious opinion,

If you’re allowed to say that, then I’m allowed to say that sin is real but having children isn’t a sin.