The mentally ill are difficult to live with

I have discovered that one of the difficulties of my parents was that they thought their food was no good when it really was fine. They were either hallucinating or unsure of their tasting ability.

Needed salt maybe…

I have to be fair and admit I was kind of difficult to live with before the schizophrenia. I’m worse now but I’ve always been kind of a pain. I think being difficult to live with is part of the human condition.

I’ve never had any hallucinations that involved food before though. Did they think it was poisoned? I used to worry, before the schizophrenia, that the people @ this one fast food place might have done something to my food because I would go there really late. I had a night job so I got lunch at around 11pm. A guy I used to be friends with worked at one of those places and told me to never go past 11.

I very rarely eat food that isn’t homemade anymore. However that is one of the reasons I like Subway because they make your food in front of you.

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i dont mean to make you paranoid or ruin your subway buzz but, i used to work at a subway…and if you get anything like tuna or chicken or steak, basically anything that has to be prepared before it put out front, your taking a risk.

on topic, yeah mentally ill people may be difficult to live with…but so are normal people…like my parents who havnt taken two minutes to look into what sz actually is and think im just full of ■■■■.

@proof lol. You took Subway away from me! My last bastion of food that probably doesn’t have spit in it!(j/k) I’ve always been paranoid, even before the schizophrenia but I don’t think it is paranoia to worry about that. Most people at one time or another have probably thought about it. I think the fact that I try to be nice to people even if they aren’t so nice to me helps though. It’s a risk you just have to take if you don’t feel like making something homemade.

yeah i eat out a lot and its always been something im paranoid about as well. especially after working at several restraunts and fast food places.

I think everyone is hard to live with… but we learn.

They would think it was poisoned or spoiled. I think my mother might have gotten food mixed up with the idea of bad meds.

I’d rarely eat the pre preped foods…
and starbucks which I’ve never gone to was found to have some perverts spy camera taped under the sink in the bathroom… REAL paranoia there…