The Meme Thread 4.0


Lol that’s you’re dog?


No I found the picture on nonsense animal images facebook page and thought it was so funny


Oh I c 15151515





@bluerose your officially the meme queen I find all your meme posts hilarious


I agree ! Definetely the meme queen ! :crown:


She says she’s going to quit though. Nothing good lasts forever :expressionless:


Huh??? That sucks :pensive:


Just found this on instagram and lol


@bluerose You must have all the social medias


I’m having a slice of cheese pizza from the pizza place a 5 min walk from my place for lunch too lol


Called my mom twice today to ask her how her morning was and then after I ate lunch had to tell her about it lol




Almost exactly how I remember, except the bathroom isn’t covered in poop.




This happened to me yesterday when my boyfriend canceled our plan to get together today. I don’t know if he has broken up with me yet tho lol


Lol I wish my cat would be shy about it. When she wants attention, she just comes up to you and stands on whatever you’re doing. Homework? Stand on it. Using your phone? Stand on it. Trying to sleep? Stand on you. Watching TV? Jump on the stand and sit. Cooking food? Stand on it and sniff/lick it. She’s a mischievous one. :smirk_cat: