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The Meme Thread... 3.0


Every time I look at it, I’m on the floor! Look at their hats!!!


@LED this made me think of you today



I promise this isn’t edited.


I think I’m more just don’t know how to actually express myself. I’ve been falling apart for weeks. Constantly trying to tell someone to help me. But short of saying “help me” no one was listening.


I wish your clinician would take you more seriously. Maybe you need to just meet with her and shout “I AM IN CRISIS” and she will actually think you’re suffering.


That’s the worst part. She comes over once or twice every week. We text every day. I’m just so so bad about downplaying how bad things are. I’ll text her at night when things are the worst but by morning when I can speak rationally again she’s all oh it must not have been that bad. Let’s just blame it on PMS.


I have had to learn to be very assertive about how bad my problems are. I write them down in the moment, and show them to him later. Like, yeah I can act fine and normal now, but I am screaming inside my own head, please hear me.


that moment when… post Malone shatters a 54 year Beatles record… beating them by 3 slots on the top 20… making the new record 9 spots… but who tf is post malone… lol… I know he’s a mumble rapper…


but still tried again today…




Same. I had no trouble reading that.


Yeah my old jerk of a friend gave me so much crap becuz of the same as u and @ninjastar. He was all pirate no matter what. He was a real pirate because he plundered my debit card once. Azz hat.


Kirby Kirby Kirby hes a parta the show…





I lol’d…


If you’re ever bored, just Google image search “dog melting.”




dam thats a very specific no sign… lol… Spuds Mackenzie? is screwed…