The medicine

I’ll try to keep up on posting my experience every day. I’ll do my best!

I’m coming off of the medicine (Aripiprazole 30 mg and Quetiapine 400 mg) so

That’s a bad idea. You’re setting yourself up for failure. Why do you want to come off them?

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Really? Do you have your MD’s approval???

It’s because I don’t believe I have schizophrenia or other psychotic disorder. So I don’t need the medicine.

Not really. I’m not gonna tell this for my doc. Not yet.

This is playing with fire.

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You definitely have schizophrenia. Why do you think you have so much trouble in school? Please, you already struggle with suicidal thoughts. Remember how much worse it was before you started the medicine? You were so miserable. You’re starting to improve, and quitting now will make things explode on you.


If I get worse, I will go back on the medicine. But right now I don’t feel like I need them. I feel ok, like I suppose to feel. I do have issues but it’s not due to some sort of illness.

But right now, they haven’t done anything good to me except damaged my liver and kidneys, I know this because I feel this.

Pls talk with your MD about your liver and kidneys.

NO!!! You need to be stable on the meds for a year and a half before trying to slowly taper off of them under a doctor’s supervision. Otherwise, you will relapse. And if you go off your meds and relapse, your original medication and dose will not work anymore. You might need twice as much medicine the second time around. Just be patient for now. If you want to eventually get off your medicine, work with your doctor to come up with a plan. Do not try to do it on your own. It will hurt you so much. It might kill you.


If you’re concerned about your liver and kidneys, ask your doctor to run some blood work testing their function level.

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Kill me? How, I mean, I’m not gonna overdose or something

Shock to the bio system of going off meds unsupervised, for one thing,

You were very suicidal before the medication. Those feelings will probably come back again.

Do not cut of that high of doses cold turkey. Even if you were totally healthy stopping suddenly would mess you up. Taper off for a few weeks.

I’m gonna be messed up. How?

Tapering off that much medication properly should take no less than 6 months, and should only be done after you have been stable on the same dose for over a year and a half.

I tried tapering down from 600mg quetiapine under a doctors supervision. It ultimately failed and was hell for me and those around me.

The withdrawal is torture. It feels like being electrocuted every time you blink, constant headaches, mood swings, and just a generally awful time. The electrocution feeling was the worst of it for me.

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It messes with the chemicals and synopses in your brain. You’ll be having mood swings and anxiety and most likely insomnia