The Medication of Choice FOr Schizoaffective Disorder

Which medications are best for Schizoaffective Disorder–Bipolar Type, apart from Invega?

I am on Abilify/Seroquel combination. I like the Abilify. What would be a good second medication to mix with Abilify?

I like saphris. I take it with rexulti, which is abilify’s cousin. They work good together because one is sedating and one is energizing.

I have schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type. I take Haldol and Lithium, although I’m thinking of going on Clozapine soon.

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I am interested in Saphris, too. How sedating is it?

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I take it and about 20 to 30 minutes later I’m ready to go to sleep. That’s very nice for the night time dose. The morning dose it’s a little annoying but if you just push through it and wait for the Rexulti to kick in you are fine. The Rexulti wakes you back up. In your case the Abilify would wake you up. I think it would be perfect for you.

But do you sleep more on it, more than 9 hours?

That is what I am wondering, hopefully it is not like the Clozapine.

Try DMG supplement. It can improve mood and gives you energy to do workouts and other daily activities. Helps with anxiety, depression also.

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No. I don’t anyway. I sleep about 5 to 8 hours a day. It’s not as sedating as Seroquel was for me. And if you push past it you can stay awake. The main problem is it’s kinda yucky. You have to take it under your tongue. And it tastes gross. A lot of people can’t tolerate it because of that. My old pdoc said it would be more popular if it came in pill form.

Sounds good. I think I will try it then. Any weight gain?

No. I can lose weight if I try really hard. But mostly with the combo I’m on I just stay the same. But I do also take Topamax as a mood stabilizer and that may help some for appetite control. I’m not sure. Also, I want you to know I do take Cymbalta because I’m prone to depression and that’s helping me combat that.

So, Topamax, an anti-depressant, and two anti-psychotics. I am looking for something with Abilify that would nullify the symptoms without major side effects.

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What symptoms / side effects are troubling you ?

I think Saphris is worth a try. I don’t have any side effects except sleepiness which the Rexulti counteracts.

Some side effects with Seroquel. They are extreme.

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I would ask the Doctor regarding Saphris. Thanks!

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Would Rexulti or Vraylar mix well with Abilify?

Rexulti wouldn’t because they are too close to the same thing but Vraylar might. If I have to switch meds for any reason Vraylar would be the one I would want to try. I think it would be a good choice also.

Is it strong enough to control all the symptoms alone?

The depression, mania, and Paranoia?

That I’m not sure about. Each med works different for each person. And each person has different symptoms. You just have to give it a try and see if it works for you. I know it’s hard and time consuming to try different meds but you never really know until you try it for yourself. But typically an ap doesn’t treat depression, mania and paranoia. The exception I know of is Rexulti, which seems to do good on depression.

So, are you suggesting the following combinations:

  1. Abilify/Saphris

I will keep this in mind. I want to be well, too (at the same time). So, just making sure there are combinations before I move to the US in order to change the medications.