The Media Sucks


On a recent episode of TMZ they were talking about Amanda Bynes. Basically they got a recording of her pissed off and talking about killing her father and totally blamed it on her (rumored) SZ diagnosis.
TMZ Episode
Stupid media keeps linking MI and violence. Why the hell do they have to keep perpetuating this crap?


The mdia are fools Period.


Like I posted yesterday the news article about SCHIZOPHRENIC axe murderer…when in truth the kid had guzzled a whole bottle of vodka and was known as a violent drunk…but still, blame the Sz, not the other obvious reason…

Besides, how many people say they will kill someone when they are angry and it is only words and nothing more… I remember in school that was said to me numerous times, but never attempted.


The media - film - TV - News outlets are generating and fueling a lot of the stigma against the severely mentally ill.
No excuse for it. A lot of the general public gets their information from television and film - the problem is that much of what is being aired about lets say schizophrenia is hogwash.
The masses are not so involved in watching ‘smart’ television documentaries - they are more into watching shows like Duck Dynasty or are into idolizing characters like Honey Boo Boo


I am glad my own descent into madness was not caught on film and aired to the entire world.


I was following Amanda Bynes on tmz and I feel sorry for her. I don’t know if she is schizophrenic but it seems as she has some type of mental illness based on her actions. I noticed the media is doing the same thing to her just like they did to Britney Spears, it’s sad.


A major problem is that a lot of reporters have no experience outside of writing a good essay, so they often don’t realize when they’re being punked or behaving poorly. The expert witness who helped in the private autopsy of Michael Brown?


Global warming, er, “climate change” reporting is also one big whoops. There is no significant warming. If anything, we’re in an interglacial period and we had best hope it doesn’t end. A lot of people will starve.

I don’t follow the major news networks unless I need a chuckle.



Kinda surprising anyone could con people into believing they are a professional without even having a diploma (in hand) to show for it.

As far as ‘global warming’ goes, it was named wrong. Climate change is a better name, but still not perfect because the climate changes by itself over time in a natural way. The main change in change in ‘global warming’ is the rise in water temp of the oceans. Which is one of the things driving recent storms to get as big as they have gotten.

It’s a fact that CO2 levels in the atmosphere are higher than they have been in a VERY long time. This raise started from the industrial revolution and continues through now so it’s obvious that it is us causing CO2 to build. CO2 does bounce long wave infrared back to the earth trapping in heat.

This extra heat on a global scale is rather small (probably what you referred to as “not significant”) but it does affect every other system that is/was in balance. For instance it is causing more ice to melt in the north. That ice was in balance with the temp. Temp rises and the ice melts or breaks away. Its the breaking way of the ice that is a problem. When the ice is set adrift it floats south, as it warms it melts.

All this causes a gradual change that can be rather hostile to our way of life. Anyway, you want a good look at what excessive CO2 does to the atmosphere in the extreme long run, look at Venus.

But yea, the media does blow it out of proportion and tries to perpetuate simple wrong truths about what climate change actually is.

The media should really put a disclaimer in front of their episodes that say:
“The following news cast is based mostly on speculation and any opinion that will turn a profit. These opinions will be stated as facts. Thank you.”