The Med Struggle

Did I take my medicine, or did the medicine make me forget that I took it?
I am the worst at this with Klonopin. I remember digging in my purse after I got off work, but then I go blank. I really don’t remember a thing. Could this be a memory symptom of schizophrenia or a symptom of the medicine?? I’LL NEVER KNOW.

probably the Klonopin? Benzos are so potent. I would love to have a benzo but my pdoc says “no no”. So I deal with my anxiety my own way. self medicating that is.

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I go through it very randomly but It’s not uncommon. So much so they created weekly or monthly, pill boxes. You can buy them at most pharmacists and/or the pharmacist can pack one for you at a small cost I think.

I love my klonopin, don’t get me wrong, but it loops me out too much. And since I’ve been clean for two months, I don’t really enjoy being “high” anymore. Doctors are real sketch at prescribing it. My psychiatrist recently told me that I should get my gastro doc to start prescribing them for me, but the gastro doc does prescriptions through the computer, and for benzos it has to be hand written or our pharmacy won’t accept them? Something like that.
I used to self medicate a lot with benzos, in an unhealthy way, lost so much weight, but now that I’m older I really just want to relieve tension from the day. It isn’t every day that I take them either, which I think comforts my psychiatrist in prescribing them. So many people have anxiety, but I guess they are easy to abuse, which is why they are so skeptical at prescribing them. So while I technically don’t have psychiatrist sessions anymore (since I can’t be prescribed anything psychotropic then I should just find my benzo script elsewhere) but I’m going to have to start doing it differently now. My therapist and my psychiatrist are married so they work one room apart, and while we usually have joint sessions, I am now only taking therapy sessions. What was cool about the joint sessions is that since our insurance didn’t cover psychiatrist sessions, only therapy sessions, they just pretended it was therapy because they thought I was a good case to have for their records. ANYWAY, I’ll just ask my therapist to run next door and get my klonopin scripts for me.

And Dreamscape, I used to use pill boxes quite regularly, have a few laying around, but I only take two meds now. Klonopin and Reglan, and since I don’t take either every single day, I haven’t used them.

Be careful, VERY careful with Reglan. It can cause Tardive Dynkinesia after 12 weeks at a very VERY high rate. Yes, I’m well aware it’s a GI med, but it can still cause TD. Tread with caution.

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I suffer from General Anxiety Disorder and OCD I need to take a very small amount of Klonopin everyday - just enough to keep the edges pretty smooth - but never enough to sedate me. Klonopin is very powerful, but my pdoc trusts me with them since I never abused them - I take a tiny amount at the same time everyday. I use a smartphone to remind me when to take all of my meds - its working so far - I will carry my meds when I am out of the house for a long time

Yes, at my last Gastro Doc appointment, he told me to be careful with Reglan because of Parkinsons disease. And I had remembered my face twitching the day before. But ■■■■, when I can tell that I’m about to have a paralysis attack, I freak out and take Reglan and it ALWAYS stops it from happening. This happens every other day by the way. My stomach sucks, I know. This illness is literally the most depressing thing I’ve had to deal with lately.

And Wave, As long as I am honest with my psych docs, they trust me with the klonopin. I don’t take it everyday so they know I’m not abusing it.

Can they do a MRI to see what’s wrong with your stomach @CarleyGee?

I’ve had most of the tests done. The problem with Gastroparesis is that there are very limited treatment methods (feeding tubes and something similar to a pacemaker place on your stomach to keep it moving) and absolutely no cure or known cause. Typically it shows up in people who have diabetes, but I don’t have diabetes. Right now it’s managing the symptoms for me and heading off paralysis attacks before they happen.

Hopefully won’t have to have any surgeries, but no telling what the future holds.

I wouldn’t worry about it. It never helps to worry. I used to be bad at worrying so I understand if you are worried. My mom tells me all the time “don’t invite trouble” when I bring up a worry.

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I don’t know if this will help especially when you are not at home when you take it. Since I tried not to micro-manage my son’s meds, I would count them and write down on a calendar how many was left in the bottle on that particular day.