The "Matrix" decoded

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend that you do, as I’d say it’s the most important movie ever made (the first movie, excluding the sequels) - and I am someone who loathes Holy-wood and all of it’s toxin. But the movie represents the closest representation of the actual state of humanity ever put to film (to my knowledge). Mankind IS in The Matrix. He has been put there, deliberately, in order to make him a slave, and to devolve him. The “Matrix”, is not some technological device that you’re plugged into, as depicted in the movie, however. It is consensus trance (of which psychology is the authority), and it is words and symbols. Words and symbols are another man’s creations. They are the division and psychosis of which all men suffer. When you name the air, you separate yourself from it. When you name yourself, you defile yourself. When you are taught that air is made of “molecules” of hydrogen and oxygen, your understanding of it has now been given a boundary. You no longer think of it beyond those divisions and your cognition has been handicapped by the reasoning process. This is why a child is 10 times as capable of learning/understanding than an adult. Adults have had knowledge imposed upon them, by school, as a law/requirement made by the parasite (or, if we’re to reference The Matrix, the “architect(s)”). So those furthest from reality are actually those who have been schooled the most (like a Harvard graduate, say). Whereas children and animals have not yet had their reality bound and limited. As “Neo” says at the end, “I am going to show them a world without limits.” Perhaps he was named “Neo” or “The One” because to escape The Matrix, one must see beyond the divisions drawn for him. And because to do so entails dissolving the inner-dialogue, which brings your mind into a singular “thought/awareness”, rather than a divided plurality of symbolism. The “agent” Smith (which is a very serpent sounding name), at the end of the third movie, describes the symbols “truth” and “peace” as illusions, as are all of men’s reasons.

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Not to mention that the agents could commandeer people.

Looks alot like what they have called possession in the past wouldn’t you say?


It also mentions how they were let go i think, they did not escape the matrix but were set free from it to complete the equation.

Indeed, possession is a good interpretation. And what was one of the “symptoms” of possession? Speaking in tongues - as people essentially do today. Which may also be the root of the even more ancient classification of “serpent”, as they use their tongue to find their prey. Man today uses his tongue to seduce, manipulate, and conquer his brothers.

I like to say to all those super over educated wieners - “guess I wasn’t taught it couldn’t be done”

Don’t confuse education with knowledge.

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