The man with a plan

We should start a fund raiser…and all go on a trip…like a go fund me account…with the intent on sending sz to iceland…every other cause gets to do fun ■■■■…


Nobody is down with the plan…i think it would be awesome to spend a couple days with my fellow sz in a new place taking in the beauty of iceland or wherever the group decided…if only we knew the singer from u2 hes always doing fund raisers…

Bono is too busy worshipping himself these days to take on any new projects.


Lol whos famous that has sz that we can talk into being our spokesman

Any Congressman. Just watch any televised meeting of the goings on in the Senate or the House. Some of them should just bite the bullet and get an official diagnosis from a shrink.

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Im going to be an actress ive studied for 4 years and am just in the process of getting my headshots just wait and ilk fund it myself in the future!!! :thinking:

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Don’t forget we’re paranoid.

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I think most of congress is sociopaths…so they can eat dicks in hell…i think new zealand would be a good place to go…nature is a wonderful getaway…most of my paranoid thoughts involve people not animals…or trees…

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New Zealand is indeed beautiful but very expensive.

My Mum just got back from a holiday there and an avocado cost $7.98! That’s ridiculous.