The Man Watching Me

alright so a few nights ago i went out to smoke and saw a man in a trench coat and a fedora type hat just standing still on a balcony on one of the building directly across from mine. I cant see his face but i know hes just staring at me.
Ive seen him almost every time ive gone outside to smoke since then, accept hes been on a diffrent balcony almost every time, even sometimes appearing in the streets. He just watches me. When i tell someone to come look hes just gone by the time they get there and they say im just imagining things.
Idk what to do, i know hes just watching my habits so he can kill/rob me. Idk what to do i can’t go to the police because they might be in on it.
What should i do.

This doesnt sound like a real man is watching, my guess would be its a delusion. If you really want to check, start goong outside with somone everytime and check if they see him too. If they do - call the police, if not, a visit to a pdoc would be good

if it was me i would walk past the guy and say some thing polite like ’ hello ', ’ nice evening ', that way you find out what he is like .
is he innocently just standing there !
is he real ?
maybe he just came back from work and likes standing on the balcony !
as sz we imagine much, some of it is real, some coincidental, some imagined , some delusion.
i live in the middle of nowhere i saw a white alien/ghost outside, so i went outside hoping it was going to kill me , it turned out to be a white steer ( bovine/cattle ) not everything we see is menacing .
for me i confront my fear, work it out, that way the doubt does not linger in my head.
take care

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my uncle wears a fedora and trench coat all of the time in bad weather. but the balcony thing is a different problem, sounds like you are seeing stuff.

I’m usually on my balcony on the third floor when i see him, so i cant really spark a conversation without yelling at him. last night i ran downstairs as fast as i could but as soon as i got outside he was gone.

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He’s there when you don’t need him.
He’s not there when you do.

Next time, try taking a picture of him. If he’s real, you’ll have proof (lol) that there’s some creeper with his eye on you. If he’s not real, I’d say you don’t have anything to worry about.

Yeah, it’s a pain to keep seeing him, but I’ve found that the figures I see can’t really do anything to me, except give me bad dreams, which, you know, you get over.

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first off, the pun made me lol.

second off, that is a really good idea. I wonder if i take a picture and find out for sure if he is fake, if i will still see him afterwards.

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Maybe he works for the insurance company?

Look up Men In Black in youtube or on the internet. They dress the same way that you described, and they have the ability to not be seen when they don’t want to.

holy ■■■■ i knew they were reading my mind too holy ■■■■. what should i do about it?
■■■■ man im kinda freaking out…■■■■

do some experiments and maybe bring in another as a witness and a second opinion. perhaps shine a high powered flash light at him and see what he does.

i have done that, someone suggested it earlier in the thread.

Like ericsbat mentioned they can control if they are seen or not. Freaking the ■■■■ out cant sleep dont know what to do.

Damn, I didn’t mean to freak you out. When I’m freaking out I talk to my sister or hang out with someone. It helps to hang out with someone for a bit. It’s kinda cool that you had a MIB encounter. They are on our side from what I hear from the will smith song, and I’ve never heard of anyone being harmed by them. Find someone to talk to or hang with for a bit until you feel better. Maybe carry a camera with you. When you see him try to take a picture. If they know you have a camera they may not stick around or they may avoid you altogether.

You know what? I have been there. I was inpatient once in 2010 and I thought my room mate was an undercover FBI agent sent in to rescue me. I don’t think the man is really there. It could be a warning though of some future event. dunno