The man is out to get me


the man…he’s out to get me. I gave the finger to him in his surveillance helicopter while drinking a 40. he’s been after me ever since.


I have men after me too. They don’t want me to be able to live life.


I lost my license once for not paying a seat belt ticket. I must’ve gotten pulled over 10 times one summer, I was convinced the fuzz were out to get me so I didn’t pay their ticket.

I did a pretty good job of fighting the man. I’m a true American hero who stood up for his freedoms and got thrown in jail for it. which explains my sz. diagnosis instead of fun guy. they needed to say that something was wrong with me. or maybe it’s them in their suburban homes with manicured lawns and American flags. o and I should probably also mention their waste of time college educations.


Boogaloo I hope everything’s okay
You don’t sound so good.


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