The main reason of my illness

Hi there guys, I would like to tell you the main reason why I am schizophrenic, it all started that way, I was 18 years old, I was recovering from a psychotic outbreak and I started playing a videogame, I listened to a song called da bop while playing, in a part of the song I thought of the name Vladimir Zaitsev because the song said something similar, my surprise was when I saw a player named Vladimir skull Zaitsev, I looked for that name was popular or something and it was not, besides that it is very coincidental. So far no one bothered to give me a logical explanation to the matter. I searched for that player today and I can not find him anywhere, there’s no record of him, so I think it’s a false memory … but any explanation of you is welcome

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Thank you for sharing this. :slight_smile:
Why is this the main reason of your illness?

Because this was too much coincidence

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Seems like you had this memory because of your illness. I had a doctor in the psych ward as an undercover patient. Got a bill and a letter from his office With his picture on it. Later when I figured it all out that it was the same guy. I tore my house apart looking for this letter that didn’t exist. No under cover Dr. No letter I think this illness can even mess with time as we know it. Coincidence happens in our mind but our time line is messed up, didn’t really happen in the order and way we perceve . Leave it up to sz


Thanks for your answer!

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the movie “Enemy at the gates” about a russian sniper fighting a german nazi sniper during world war 1 or 2 (i forget)

the name of the russian sniper, based on a true story, is Vasili Zaitsev

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