The mafia is monitoring hidden cameras in my apartment

The mafia is out to get me everything I do is being monitored on hidden cameras in my apartment.


no they are not.

i had to get well when i thought they had planted a body in my mattress.

they made me get well.

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Why would the mafia install hidden cameras in your apartment if they were out to get you? Do they need to know what cereal you eat in the morning in order to act? If the mafia was out to get you they would just act, not piddle around with surveillance.

Being monitored is a common delusion though. I had it as well.

Edit: This is just a delusion, something you need to discuss with a pdoc.

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Haven’t heard that one before. Usually it’s the CIA/FBI/etc… that are monitoring schizophrenics. Or there are cameras implanted in their brains doing the monitoring.

P.S. No they are not.


You sound very sick. Please seek professional help. The mafia is not after you.

I thought that there was a criminal organization out of Chicago after me in my early stages of SZ. I also thought they were monitoring me.


Interesting, I’ve never heard that kind of delusion before, but I’m not surprised.

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During psychosis I thought I was Jesus and that the mafia is working with the devil trying to kill me.

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I’m sorry you’re experiencing these thoughts @stewbs. Are you on medication?

Why my name has 444. It’s the english gematria for both jesus and lucifer, the morning star. Fun times.

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It seems to be a common theme for most delusions that the person affected somehow believes that their life is very dramatic and that they are in the center of someone elses attention.

I have been there too. God and the devil, people out to get me, conspirasies. Yes…I had a lot of that in a short period of time, mostly off medications. But it’s hard to forget


I thought the mafia was out to get me also when I was paranoid and delusional in 2016


you are a boldface liar

That’s not necessary @stewbs . Whether you believe him or not, he’s not lying to you. It’s what he believes. It’s also what I believe. If you want to believe in your delusions, we can’t stop you, but you don’t need to get aggressive with those trying to talk you out of these beliefs. You should seriously consider talking to a pdoc and telling them these beliefs you have. I had similar beliefs while psychotic. I can tell you with absolute certainty that mine turned out to not be true.

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@stewbs we are just trying to help you find a way to see the truth…that you are ill and need meds…and an immediate visit to the local mental facility where you can get help…you’re in deep man…don’t get mad at me, I am trying to help.

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