The Low Cash Cycle!

So, as you do, I’ve had some seriously low cash cycle moments in the last month. I get paid benefits fortnightly so it really sux when you run out of money. Yeah I have a good network and it’s all cool but I hate borrowing money…

Anyways. Determined to do better so this pay I’m reigning it all in and just doing basics. I need to save more and it really should be a priority on benefits especially when you run a car!

So. No spending unnecessarily and just living to the bone for this month is the plan! Never any fun but some things need too be done!


I hear ya, mate!

I’ve been a day late and a dollar short pretty much my whole life! My only saving grace it seems, will be some inheritance money down the road.

Still trying to succeed on my own terms, though. My wife and I have good jobs, but kids are very expensive. It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you spend, of course.

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I don’t really notice a low cash situation. I think though if I didn’t get disability based benefits , and the add ons, I’d really struggle . Not because I’m a poor money manager , but because the money someone in that situation is expected to live on is ridiculously low . .

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Good luck dude.

Its hard saving cash mate.


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Good luck! I have no idea how I do it, but probably just because I am very cheap and my parents company gives me some work occasionally, but I’ve stretched my savings pretty far this year. I don’t have anything near what I used to, but I’m doing ok. I eat a lot of canned food though, and it helps that I’m on a diet because I don’t eat much.

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Will be a low cash cycle for the whole winter. Things are bad in our city right now , many are worried about their jobs and many have already lost theirs.

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I’ve tried canned food occasionally . It usually has a somewhat funny taste.


I’ve got to start spending less. I’ve burned through all my savings. I’m nearly broke!

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Yeah, I hear that. We’re still paying off moving and repair expenses for rentals. Had a bunch of bills all hit at once and run up our credit lines. Ugh.

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