The little puppy - a story of smelly sorrow!

my sister in law has a genius husband who bought an irish wolf hound crossed with a mastif, it is a puppy at the moment and is gigantic i have named it ’ the hound of the baskervilles '.
my sister in law was outside, the ’ the hound ’ did a ■■■■ and as you can imagine they are not small , he promply walked in it then bounded up the verandah steps, across the verandah into the house, through the house and out the front door !
my sister in law said it was like it all happened in slow motion, her shouting at the ’ the hound of the baskervilles ’ , " NNNNnnnnnooooooo ! " whilst trying to stop the beast from entering the house…
to no avail, the damage done, the ■■■■ covered monster paws left a trail of putrid destruction !
take care


Poor puppy… and poor sister-in-law. Let me guess, the husband never helps clean. We’ve never had a dog.

Just didn’t happen. My sis was thinking of getting a dog in the future. But right now, we’re never around enough to take care of one.

This is exactly the type of breed she would go for… this or a New Foundland Hound or a Great Dane…

She want’s a dog you can put a saddle on.

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Dear Darksith

I love your idea about the fancy dress birthday with ferry lights. Thank you for this idea. It will still be on the beach, but it will be like a tea party on the beach, with table cloths and jam and tiny sandwiches and fancy dress and fun hats.

I’ll save the Jamaican Pirate Jam on the seaside for my 21.