The little I know of the pre teen years

0–4:Father remembers me watching a lot of television and rushing into the kitchen to share the news of the Kennedy election in the fall of 1960’. Had begun to read a little as would mention Disney Walt; which was in the index of the “Children’s encyclopaedia Britannica” my father had bought. Wouldn’t go to bed early . Had to have one of my parents with me till I fell asleep . Tended to wake up with nightmares.
My sister related,in letter for my assessment, that my parents had told her that from the age of about 4 I started to become more quiet and perhaps withdrawn.

5-8: School in Bangkok voiced concerns . Was tested at Gt Ormond street c1962/63 for what we now call cerebral palsy .Result was negative . Alternatives weren’t explored . My parents didn’t pursue the matter further . Stuttered a bit . Was not too well coordinated .Did well academically.

8-13: Started at prep school. Wet the bed for most of the next couple of years . Described as poorly coordinated and bad at drawing and writing . On hindsight I must’ve come over as odd to the other boys as was told I was the ‘missing link’ . Started well academically but that took a nose dive when I was 9.5 and developed mumps on the flight back to school for the summer term 1966 . Around age of 11 had handwriting lessons . Around age of 12 insoles were made for my feet as had high instep and flat feet. Headmaster’s wife had me do exercises for my feet.

I’ve memories of severe ocd on the playground in grade 1. So six years old. I had to climb and do things on the playground in a certain order. I don’t remember why but I remember the fear.

I was always a talker which I think helped me no end. I could talk myself out of trouble but I had paranoid issues all through highschool. Had severe depression at 23. Still in hindsight paranoid tendencies.

I think my lack of skill in math was a serious sign. I went from a 7 in junior math to a 3 by senior…how was your math?


I also didn’t do well in math in high school.

Looking back I can see a little bit of my mi traits. Just feeling scared and paranoid a lot.

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i was pretty normal up until about 14/15 yrs old and then idk what was happening, puberty/girls, pressure for exams, home life, things just went downhill :frowning:

Arithmetic- above average; algebra-average, geometry-very poor

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