The Life of An Idiot!

So I’m nearing that end of middle age and the dreaded 50 and I’ve learned some things.

For most of my life I’ve been an idiot. I knew just enough about things to get me in trouble but not enough about things to get me out of it. Hindsight is wonderful and I was heading for a train smash but I was still an idiot.

I thought I was clever but that paranoia bites and I had some major issues with trust and intimacy. Still. Like all good idiots I plunged forward into the unknown. I had some great success and I had some great failures. All in all I survived and I think that is the important thing. I learned some things way after a bit of pain and perserverance…Still. I am still an idiot.

So. I’ve learned a lot and I’m at the point of stopping being an idiot. I was having problems with drinking and i moved to scotch over beer. It’s lighter in weight but you drink enough of it it’s still a problem. Tomorrow I’m having a couple of beers. First time this year. Alcohol can be a problem for me but I still enjoy some things in life so moderation is the key. Stuff the hard alcohol and back to mid strength and more exercise.

I know I can get there so say goodbye peeps. This idiot is leaving the building! ( I’m not unposting! ). I’m just starting to learn that treats aren’t bad if your putting in the work. New day. New me!


I think we all look back on what we thought was our wisdom and we see how continually naive we’ve been.

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You’d think at 48 I would have learned something! lol.

It still is a work in progress even at this age so you young folk need to hang in there.

You can always learn something everyday of your life if you allow yourself. Just hang in there and have that desire to improve!

I appreciate your reply my friend!

The word “idiot” can become a complex. You know everyone else is an idiot, but you yourself are the biggest idiot of all! See Dostoevsky’s novel “The Idiot.”

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