The let's get those darn chores done thread

It’s a Sunday and I’m trying to be productive…

  • Dishwasher emptied and refilled.
  • Surplus dishes sink washed.
  • Spare bread ends cut into cubes and drying to make croutons.
  • Mail sorted and off the kitchen table.
  • Last night’s chicken loaf sliced, portioned, and most in freezer.
  • Cleaned the science experiments out of the fridge.
  • Chucked the rubbish in the bin.
  • Compost and recycling ready to go.
  • Cat fed and watered, litter tray cleaned.
  • First load of laundry in the dryer, second in the washer.
  • Batch of dough rising for pita bread.

Gonna have a cof-fay and next up:

  • Hit the store for a few items (wife shops, I watch from parking lot).
  • Water plants, weed garden.
  • Service Roomba, it’s not picking up like it should.
  • Dust and vacuum living room.
  • Change sheets on bed.




My only goal today is to clean the truck out, have to take everything out clean then put my work stuff back in

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Why can’t I just have a simple life like this?

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The trick is to “fake it until you make it.” Do what you can in one day. The next day do a little more. It adds up over time. In my case you’re seeing what it looks like after a quarter century of pushing back hard against the SZ. I was a hot mess at first – took me a while to get from there to where I am now. :slight_smile:


Aug 2, 2020 continued…

  • Premade 6 iced lattes, they’re in the fridge.
  • Big pitcher of iced tea brewed up and also chilling in the fridge.
  • Cooked off onions and peppers ahead of time and put them in the fridge, being used for quesadillas this evening when the kid is home from work.
  • Ordered a new filter for the Roomba, current one is pluggity-plug-plugged, that’s why it doesn’t suck right now.
  • Plants and garden done.
  • Bed changed.
  • Went to the store and it was busy so we left. We’ll make do with what we have on hand today and try early tomorrow morning now.
  • Cleaned and de-scaled the Breville espresso maker.

Still on the list:

  • Cleaning the darn living room.
  • Running some descaler and vinegar through the Keurig.
  • Dust and vacuum the Dad Pit.

Here’s how the fajita chicken loaf turned out:


I went outside to start cleaning the truck, way to hot out there :dizzy_face:
something to do in the morning

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Wow! Puttin in work, good job!
I just woke up an hour ago but I got the dishes unloaded and I’m working on putting another load in. I need to do laundry still too.

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