The lesser of two evils

I am a addict when it comes to ciggarettes, and have been smoking 3-4 packs a day ever since I was 15. (18 now). My lungs needed a break I could barely breath, I was having symptoms of heart failure. I tried to quit several times, failing every time. Said ■■■■ it, switched to dipping, and my lungs and heart are starting to recover.

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I smoke about half a pack to a pack a day.

What is dipping? I’m asking because I’m interested in quitting, too.

Dipping is chewing tobacco…
can always try the patch. it takes the edge off and that way you dont get the nasty stuff.

I’m down to two cigarettes day… :smoking: :smoking: :thumbsup: :smiley:

I’m up to three pots of coffee before lunch… :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :thumbsdown: :open_mouth:

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jesus ■■■■ thats alot of coffee. That might make your symptoms flare up, buddy. Unless you’re on a big dose of old school meds, caffeine can make psychosis and anxiety worse.

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My sis says she can tell when too much caffeine is hitting the system. If I’m honest, I can feel it when it hits the brain. She’s been trying to limit the intake on me. She bought a smaller coffee pot.

I do notice it kill the concentration, the spelling, and the cognitive abilities, I do get more a bit more out of body floating. Today I will try for only four cups. Then go back to herbal tea around 11.


Four cups is about the limit of the general health guidelines proposed by the surgeon general or whoever made the food pyramid, someone official i just cant remember who or what organization. They say limit intake to 400mg of caffeine per day. On training days I drink around 350mg and still sleep well. I get sharper, more alert, physically active but also anxious. I take a xanax right after I workout and then take the rest of the night really easy then sleep well.

I used to drink obscene amounts of caffeine when I was unmedicated and it make me a lot worse, I just enjoyed the hypomania that 1000mg of caffeine did to me. I would drink 4 heaping scoops of Noxplode, a preworkout supplement with 225mg of caffeine in a leveled scoop. Then I would workout like crazy but have insomnia, out of control anxiety and positive symptoms, one time I just layed on my bed with my muscles all tensed up, screaming, my parents almost sent me to a hospital that night.

Caffeine is nothing to fool with. Four cups is a good limit. In fact that’s exactly what the book Surviving Schizophrenia recommends as the limit. I used to use it to do all of my school work in like an hour each day, workout like a meth-head, then I would not sleep and be hallucinating and delusional until 4am. I vividly remember the night I had a complete breakdown due to an overdose of that Noxplode garbage, I required intensive care and my brain was fried, I couldnt think straight at all. I remember my parents let me stand up because I quit tensing up and screaming, then I walked straight to the knife drawer in the kitchen and muttered “seppuku” (Japanese word for honorable suicide by disembowelment with a knife) and they made me go outside and smoke a cigarette.

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thats a good idea mate, keep it going, well done :clap: :wind_chime: the wind chime is hoping you’ll breathe easier :slight_smile: take care