The leaders

Just a theory.

Our world’s leaders communicate in secret. Kind of like silmarils.

They can speak to eachother whenever they wish and in complete secrecy.

There used to be a special phone the Russian and U.S. Leaders could talk on during the Cold War

It’s not phones though.

It’s in complete secrecy like a silmaril, no one will ever know whats being said.

What’s a silmaril?

It’s a stone used to communicate with others over great distances in lord of the rings.

But it’s actually very real, the principle is very real and it actually happens.

They had a similar thing in the stargate franchise

Yeah, it’s real though.

I think the leaders of the world do it. Just a theory though.

Maybe it works on quantum entanglement

Maybe, perhaps, i don’t know.

There never was a red-hotline phone from DC to the Kremlin. It was some sort of fax machine. And nowadays they just use email. I’ll find a link if needed :slight_smile:

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Communication which is entirely undetectable.