The latest bit of decor


I think i’m going to take the other one out of its case and leave it lying around somewhere too. :grin:

Console in the nude… I’ll make the bottom part of it my ash tray for when dokha smokers come over… which is about 60% of the people I know

The dream cast?

Yeah just pulled it out of storage and through it on a shelf… a small shrine

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Do you think it’s worth getting a ps4 or Xbox1? I only pretty much like playing car games or gta5

Have you ever played the Forza games? Forza 4 is probably my favorite car game ever.

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I played the demo at a store once it was pretty sweet! I love simulation car games. The sounds of the cars are amazing

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Dude… I’ll let you personally if that is ever a worthwhile investment…

Get a ps3 with gran turismo 5 or 6

or get an xbox 360 with Forza 4

They look great and play great… they very different… I’d say forza feels better to play… but Turismo is closer to a real simulation and it was the original…

You could even get a ps1 or ps2 and play gran turismo 2… its graphics aren’t as good but the game is the same

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My dreams this morning were super video game oriented.

I had a dream that I was playing a video game like SimCity or Rollercoaster Tycoon, only it was SimZoo or Zoo Tycoon. I was apparently micromanaging a newborn giraffe. You could see stat bars, the zoo map, and some other stuff. It was quite an epic game, actually. Very well put together from the 10 seconds I got to play of it.

Also, Diablo was speaking to me - the actual avatar from the Diablo 3 game. He was all buddy-buddy with me - trying to help resurrect me back into “normal mode”. Haha. :hatched_chick:

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Hah yeah… dream games are always a trip

I think that driving my truck down the road the windshield is actually a virtual screen display where if I screw up on the road I will be pulled over possibly by virtual cops who have virtual tazzers and hand cuffs and can throw me into the back of their virtual cop cars and take me to the virtual jail where I will have to deal with all the other virtual law offenders so I take my driving real seriously and even subtract points myself from my total score just to keep honest tabs on my game. One can never achieve perfection in the game but to always try to be is the main goal in all of life’s adventures as I see it to be.

I should take my driving more seriously.

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