The Last Hope

Like so many other times since he had worked there the all too lonely man met the young woman who was almost 20 years his junior. Almost every other time she had talked about her boyfriend or fiancee’ but lately things had changed. Her marriage had been postponed. Today she didn’t talk the usual talk. She spoke of friendship cards involving people becoming “more than friends.” Sadly he shook in his shoes because he could do nothing about it. So that evening she went home into the arms of a new lover and he went home to his Mom’s house after she picked him up where he prepared a meal for himself (his Mom rarely cooked for him now because of her aging so tonight he did it himself.) He also did the dishes and vacuumed the house thinking ever the more “I’ve got to get out of here” even though he knew society may frown on him leaving his Mother. Any love affair could not happen without her permission because she had the car and the shelter. All she ever said about it was “You can have a girlfriend but you’ll have to ride the bus.” He knew one day the last hope would likely come and go. Little did he know that at 40 it had. Even though he’d escape he wouldn’t go far. His last hope would move on like many before her into the shadows of life never to return.


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