The Land of the Abled (poem)

We call this dreadful world
“The land of the Abled”.
It’s the land where people with two legs and feet
Walk around with a sane mind,
Emphasizing sameness and slapping each other’s faces,
And Difference is something to be shameful of.

When a Difference is born,
They blame their parents and their genes,
And they blame the Difference for violence and anger,
The shootings in theatres and malls,
Not blaming laws that were already fault to begin with.
And so that Difference hides,
Faking smiles and faking well,
Faking words and faking how he walks,
Trying to abide into the same-and-same world with blunt colours
And with nothing to savour.

So now it’s impossible to know what that Difference is,
…because now the Abled has killed the Difference.
Everybody is the same: with same boring colour, with same way of walking
And with same shirts and same dogs, same legs and same height,
Same mind and same thoughts,
Doing same jobs.
In the Land of the Abled,
Difference is nothing but black and white, something to be killed.


I love this. It is very sad but beautiful.

Well written and expressed. I really like it! ( I’ll always love our differences )

Con-venience, con-formity, con-straint. Everybody’s been conned basically.

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