The lady with the ferret on her shoulder

Yesterday there was a knock on my door there stood a lady with a ferret on her shoulder behind her was a suitcase she asked me if Frank was here I replied do I look like Frank she said no I must have the wrong place I said does he live here in the court she said yes he has a dog named Timmy I said he’s on the other side of this house noticing she was driving a U-Haul trailer and a few minutes later I heard leave or I will shoot you about that time the South Hutch PD and other officers arrived with guns few minutes later the lady left and her U-Haul and They Carried Away Frank all night last night Timmy was going off so I threw a blanket over the fence that’s my story and I’m sticking to it the world is chaotic get a helmet


Wow, I wonder what that was all about ?! Very strange.


Oh man, yes that is strange.


very strange indeed =D

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Well alrighty then


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