There a lady in my living room she looks scary she is telling me to cut i dont want to cut as am nearly at 2 month clean from cutting
there is blood over the walls
my husband asks whats wrong i cant tell him she will get mad at me
she says i must die
listening to Christian rock to drown her out
my husband thinks there something wrong
she said she will be in my nightmares if i tell him
scared very scared …

It’s not real. Forget the spiritual. Tell him everything. Try to take control and be realistic. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time.

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I told him i had my meds earlier my husband said if here was someone there the cats would have ran away into the bedroom as they dont like strangers

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Really you gotta do your best to know it’s all in your mind. It’s crucial to survive in this world.

I can say with confidence there is no telepathy or spiritual world. There is no mechanism that would allow her to be there aside from hallucination in your mind. Belief if it was real only sets the stage for the return.

Don’t let her get to your head! Tell her husband everything he will understand and try to protect you as much as he can. Do not under any circumstances let her hurt you, don’t cut yourself! you’ve been clean for 2 months now that’s great progress!! You should be proud of yourself for overcoming your demons, this lady is nothing more than your fear, and don’t let your fears control you. You’re going to be okay!! Just don’t listen to her! Believe in yourself and focus on your achievements.


sending hug-------------0

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hello thecrow

Never listen to the voices as they do not understand you. They do not see things the way you do and only understand your thoughts about thoughts. When you started to think about cutting and being clean this brought around systematic triggers that pulls you into this thinking. Tell her that you love her and you love yourself and your life and want to live. The fear you have of her is the fear you have about life and the many trials you have gone through. Find your inner strength and focus on the good things in your life.


Thank you all for replying to my post and the hugs
i managed to get some sleep and i didn’t have nightmares she lies
she is still here but am not listening to her
the reason i listen to christian music is i believe that if i play the music the music is good because there sing about Jesus and that can be nothing but a good thing in my eyes at lest
Jesus is my savor
i know that many of you are atheists and dont believe in the power of Jesus but i believe in it
Am not scared anymore
the lady is just my thoughts i have OCD as well and sometimes i have blasphemous
thoughts sometimes but i fighting them
As long as i can breathe i am fighting them


Cast it out in Jesus name…and another tactic is to go head to head with ‘her’ nonsense…every time she says something, reverse it on her, and have comebacks faster than she does. ‘She’ sounds like a predator type and is making you the prey…Turn that around…you become the hunter…tell her things like ‘why don’t you cut yourself…oh yeah, you CAN’T because you don’t have a physical body…how sad, that must suck huh? Well, I’m not going to be your cutting doll so go spew your madness into hell since that is your destiny. You must be so lonely, well you will never make friends this way…blah blah blah…’
It has worked for some…

she still here but am just telling her to ■■■■ off av got no time for her
she trying to get me to cut and am not having it
my husband says not to engage with her
my nieces are here for a long weekend there keeping me busy one is preteen and the other is a teen
they are normally well behaved …
keeping myself busy is the way to go
Thank you e_lunaseer for replying to me

she not going to get me to cut am done with that permanently


Keeping busy does help, a lot.
As far as not engaging her, that works for some and for some it doesn’t. I’m not the ignoring type and will face anything like that head on and confront it until I beat it. I’ve fallen for a few tricks in the past and the bottom line is just don’t do anything that a voice tells you to, despite the stupid threats like nightmares and all that. i was threatened with stuff too a few times, and finally got the voice to admit it was a trick.

she still here i have taken my meds for tonight a little earlier than normal
if she starts at all ill tell her she not wanted here so she can piss off
she not as chatty as she was last night
Am listening to Christian rock again love that music
she just stands there with blood on the wall
she bleeding as well wish she would ■■■■ off
i dont care to see blood so am ignoring it
using distraction and i have a teddy with me that i can hug if i get scared
plus my husband and family are here
so am not on my own

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Thank you for quietly standing up for using spiritual music to help you cope.

Various Christian and other spiritual music has helped me cope. The Red Hot Chili Peppers is one spiritual group that helps me cope.

I wish you did not have to see blood. I wish it was currently possible that one treatment option would be to stop each visual/audible hallucination that occurs. With research taking place around brain-computer interface (BCI) and the p300 brain signal–for purposes in technological advances, it’s about time researches state they are finding advanced solutions.

Hope the lady will soon be gone and not return.

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i use this radio station when am listening to Christian Music
i like flyleaf , im so sick is one of the songs that helps me Skillet monster
so many songs that help me

Thank you

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Some people only hear this song in the shallows of the shore, but it really goes beyond the depths of the ocean and even the universe…not just the words but the music and tones in it…

Centuries are what it meant to me
A cemetery where I marry the sea
Stranger things could never change my mind
I’ve got to take it on the otherside

Centuries are what it meant to me
A cemetery where I marry the sea

^ This was a new song in 2000 when i worked long hours in a fish cannery…those 2 lines sparked something and took me somewhere else…collapsed time, literally made an hour go by working hung on those lyrics while many other songs played and i observed blue scaped far reaches of Atlantis and primeval forests with gentle people talking, all from those words…

Now someone was just talking about a key, and I believe that is one…thanks Nykia for the reminder from 15 years ago :love_letter: …and the teleportation did occur in may of 2001…must be some other keys and I believe they are hidden in the music…this is but one and there are probably 7.

I used to meditate and utilize the powers of the sea and the rivers rushing to it and the energy went around the world as a circuit…hard to explain, just have to be there

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