The "Kick in the Wall" book I bought

I bought this book called Kicking in the Wall about writing the first few topics are to say what you see your writing block to be. Mine is as follows basically I see: If I write a book about sz, then that is what I leave to the world and my children. If I write about something else and it is an unlikely success, then folks will say isn’t that amazing she did that when she had sz?

I find it sad this means I don’t write these days. I want my money back, lol.

Have a good night all of you…

Just write. Whatever comes out.

“Your mythic journey” by Sam Keen

Bought this paperback back in 1989, it was probably the only book ever that got me interested in writing.

it is not the success, but the journey…that is what i tell myself when i think of my book gathering dust in the amazon digital library…sob…sob…sob…
take care