The Judgement Day


Who will flag me first? Thanks :wink:


did you want to be flagged for some reason?


Yes it’s religious post lol. Today i will be judged i think haha


In this day and age it’s not religious it’s just a fact everyone judges everyone else. No one gives what they are doing a second thought.


should I have a third cup of coffee???


i try not to judge people, i believe if they are going to be judged then i am not the person to be doing it lol


I don’t think we can help it. It’s like as soon as I sip a hot chocolate my subconscious and conscious mind go “is it too hot does it need to be left for a while is it actually hot chocolate do I like it as much as I thought I would and have I accidentally poisoned it?”
We do the same with every person we meet every time they speak and that’s okay, because a lot of the time the judgement is “huh, interesting… I’d like to know more”


Well… im probably going to hell.


I get a laugh out of how physicists can say crazy things like a photon goes through both slits at the same time in the famous two slit light experiment, yet they are not classified as crazy.

Apparently, they have judgement day immunity.


I try to judge myself and gather all kinds of information. You must be very confused or desperate to do something what deserves punishment to solve the problem. Its a real delicate matter which needs a lot of sobriety.


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