The joys of summer


I went for a nice ride along the road in my neighborhood. Everyone was braaing and having drinks and living life.
It made me wonder if im ever going to get that, if im ever going to find someone special to share my life with, get some friends… The most simplest joys that they have are my dream…

Im angry today that ive got nothing in my life worthwhile. SZ is such a burden, i wish it gave me powers like being superman or spiderman or even a vampire. Unfortunately it does nothing except bring me to my hand and knees wanting to kill myself.

Hope you having a good summer


Sorry things are going so rough for you. This illness is a stressful thing and it can easily get one down. Hang in there. Loneliness can make it much worse I know. But we are here for you here.

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make a wish… i am thinking now how to make wish, i cannot meditate i need to change ap

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I’m on a downer today too. It’s winter here though. But I’ve been thinking about all the things that are missing too.

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I can relate to how you’re feeling. Tbh I’m actually pretty envious of people with “normal” lives. It drags me down further than I like to admit.

Cause I want so badly to be able to enjoy simple things like going out spending time with friends, but I’m always stuck with fear and isolation and just my list of oddities and other problems making that seem impossible

I just want you to know you aren’t alone in these feelings just stay strong things can improve.

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