The Joe Rogan Experience

There’s an awesome podcast called the Joe Rogan Experince

It’s one of the biggest in world, it’s on iTunes and YouTube and is streamed live on usteam.

They cover a wide aray of topics with different guests, doctors, comedians, psychonauts, mma fighters/martial artists, hunters, musicians, writers…

If you haven’t heard of it I suggest you check out, they talk about really interesting stuff, it’s very insightful. They include alternative information without coming across as paranoid like the Alex Jones show.

Joe Rogan was the presenter on fear factor in America, commentator for MMA, a stand up comedian, black belt, psychonaut.

Some of you might of heard of this dude but I’m from the UK so I wouldn’t of known him from something like fear factor.

^ that’s a link to their anniversary video, it’s just 5 minutes long and includes some of the funny moments.

Guests to check out to start you off I’d recommend;
Joey Diaz - Comedian
Graham Hancock - writer/archaeologist
Duncan trussle - comedian
Kevin Smith - writer/actor/silent bob
Maynard James Keenan - front man of the band tool
Neil degrasse tyson - Astro physicist

There’s loads more I can’t remember

Thought I’d mention in case some of you want to kill some time during your day, they just had the 700th podcast

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Love some powerfulJRE

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One of my favorite motivational videos.


Do you know what episode that’s from?

I have an Apple TV box. I watch the podcasts on the big screen tv via the YouTube app. I don’t have many friends so ‘hanging out’ with joe is one of my favourite pastimes.

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I especially like the Aubrey Marcus podcasts. That dude is tuned in.

I liked what I heard when I listened to a few but it’s way too long

I watch the podcasts on YouTube in 20 minute sections. It saves my last position so I can neatly pick it up again. Persevere with it - it is worth it.

Me? No I don’t. Sorry.

Joe rogan another one of those idiots who tried to convince people the secrets to life are found in psychedelic drugs…like u can discover some new realm or something…well let me tell you…I think these drugs should be used by most people one time a year maximum maybe 5-10 times in your life but I’ve done hallucinogens close to 50 times thanks to these “advocates”, ive done em all. Shrooms acid dmt mescaline ayahuasca and synthetic compounds. I saw some benefit but all it does is make me have to raise my medication after every other use and makes me more miserable…that’s besides the point though…there is no hidden realm…they make u stupider. I know I’m wrong in abusing them but if Terence McKenna can do shrooms 300 times why can’t I do it 20 times. They are bad examples of extremely smart people with no mental health issues who still wound up crazy from abusing these drugs.

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Maybe I should write a book “The truth about drugs:from an addicts perspective”


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Do you not think they can help to enlighten a person to a degree, more then they would of been without using a particular drug? My only psychedelic experience has been mushrooms, twice. It just made me think about my father who committed suicide a couple years before hand. I think if your miserable because of psychedelics, it’s probably because your life isn’t in a good place to begin with. I’m not going to use psychedelics for the foreseeable future, I’m told they just bring up worries in yourself if your not in a good place, also having an illness like I do, I hear it’s a very bad idea. I have used ecstasy a few times in the past and that has definitely helped me to be more upbeat in life.

The use of psychadelics in my case was so enlightening I ended up psychotic. But I don’t really blame the drugs anymore, they didn’t help me but it was my choice to take them knowing fully well I was sensible to them.

I don’t really see the harm in taking psychadelics when you’re mentally healthy. It’s a choice, if you want to end up like Terence McKenna…

My friend is mentally healthy and he benefited from psychedelics. I don’t see a problem if used responsibly. Personally, I never wanted to try lsd because of my sister’s experience; she was looking at a mirror and her face melted off. That had an impact on me.

I agree if you use them once or twice they could be beneficial. But it’s people like Terence Mckenna going around saying he’s done shrooms 300 times and taken 25 grams of shrooms at once that ruins lives…

I think DMT is too hard of a drug for anyone to risk taking.

And no, when you’re schizo-affective like I am, every time I take those drugs my symptoms get worse, including depression.

I just hate these guys claim theres some magical realm to be found in the world of hallucinogens, I know plenty of people who haven’t done hallucinogens who are very much wise and reached a certain level of enlightenment. I think it’s all rubbish.

Get your experience, then quit. my 2 cents


Alan Watts is the master philosopher

I notice after doing hallucinogens x amount of times, you become addicted to the “feeling”. You want to re-live that feeling. You want to re-live the enlightenment (however miniscule it should be), and you’re searching for the light at the end of the tunnel that doesn’t exist.

I would not be mad if I was born in 1880 and never lived to see LSD’s existing.

Joe is a c u n t for saying this.

Sorry, it’s a bit c u n t y.

I will check that video soon. I think what Joe advocates about psychedelics is the introspective thought? It’s a red pill basically. The whole other realm ■■■■, isn’t dmt suppose to be a chemical linked to dreams and near death experiences? Isn’t that what they’re talking about when they discribe it as a different realm? I’ve heard graham Hancock talk about his experiences with it and he was saying he experienced a female persona, “mother ahyuassca” an apparition many people experince when they use dmt apparently. Did you not experience anything like that when you used it? What was your experience like?

I’ve heard of terrace McKenna but I haven’t checked him out.
I take it your not a fan of bill hicks either?

I’ve just checked out that vid. It’s very insightful, I will need to check out the guy some more, the analogy about the raft and shores was very good.

Thanks for the advice about trying it once, I’m am curious about trying something like lsd but I’m not in a hurry.