The jerk outside my window: A Christmas story

What’s wrong with these people? The trouble making jerk flipped out again last night. He started ranting for about ten minutes about me not having any respect and causing trouble. He worked himself up to a frenzy.
WTF? Seriously. I told him just last week politely, “Hey man, I came here just trying to get along”. I ate crow big time. I told him, "Hey, I know everybody here has contempt for me, and man, I know you guys are these tough street people but I was pretty tough myself years ago until things happened “. I was just trying to hold my own and survive”. The guy understood and was totally cool with what I said. He said, “Yeah, man, I understand, It’s cool. If you ever need any help just come and tell me”. I thought. “Man I. misjudged these guys, they’re OK.”.

I know I intimidated some people here and they all knew they deserved it but seriously. I’m 56 years old. I’ve been in these homes for years. At 56, after what I’ve been though do people think I’m supposed to just take any s*it someone feels like giving me"? Even if they spit and disrespect me I still have the satisfaction of intimidating grown men. Certain people who pick on me just because they are sure they can win. So the guys complaining about respect? It’s crazy. And they all have bathroom habits like animals. I don’t think of them as animals but Christ, have some couth people. I seriously though of taping a sign to door:" Hey, anyone know what the silver knob on the side of the toilet is for?"

I’m not just tying to think up bad things about them. Their habits really disturb. and offend me. I mean when some guy spends 10 minutes in the community bathroom coughing up sickening yellow mucous, blood and phlegm that literally coats the whole toilet and doesn’t clean up after himself what am I supposed to think? The guy did this on a Tuesday and the cleaning lady doesn’t come until Saturday. I could complain but the culture here frowns on that. (both the staff itself and other tenants don’t want complaints)

Who cares. It’s
two weeks and counting until I’m out of this dump. I honestly admire certain traits of the men and women here. But Ha! I got the better of some tough cookies here and that counts. Sorry about me obsessing about my housing lately. This stuff here disturbs me and it is affecting my mental health. .

I actually got out yesterday and did some stuff and I’m going out this morning just to get away. The guy I complained to and a friend and ex-tenant from down the street told me they think I’m pretty cool. It made me feel good. Not everybody thinks that about me by a long shot but I seem to impress certain people. Heck, I’m going to try and ignore these guys and leave on a positive note for my own sake. But literally 5 minutes ago they started playing on weaknesses again. I don’t understand them.

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I hear ya, @77nick77! 15

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Thank you…