The Jack in the box

Not sure if this should go under unusual beliefs or diagnosed… I see in my head an old fashioned jack in the box toy sitting in a darkened room where all I see is the jack in the box. I don’t even see whose cranking it. I don’t hear the music playing as the handle turns and instead of jack popping out in his horrifying clown face the box opens and a spring pops out and words spill out of the box. Random words.

I hear a voice telling me collect the words, put them together to make a story, just when I think the words are done coming out more words spill out of the box. The voice in my head is ordering me work, write, work, write…nothing you do is ever good enough, nor will ever be good enough. Work. Write. Work, write. Work, work, work…

The box closes. The words spill through my hands and shatter to pieces and I’m stuck sitting next to the jack in the box and all of sudden the crank on the box starts turning again.

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