The invega is leaving my system now

Im past my injection due date now by about a week i think. So now im on abilify pills. They are going to give me the abilify injection next week. But im sick right now so i cant really tell whats going on. Lol

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It took about à month b4i had invega withdrawals.

Sorry, but invega / Xeplion suits me a treat. Been on it for years. I really dont understand other peoples problems with it.

Only downside is - you cannot take Viagra on it. But Cialis works just as well.

Best of luck… Hopefully you’ll find the change beneficial

It took a very long time for all of the Invega to leave my system. Those micro beads build up in the muscle.


Honestly didnt know that.

Cialis works for you on invega ???

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Apparantly so. When i went on (an ED online site) they would not prescribe Sildnafil cos it interacts with the invega injection.

But they said Cialis is ok.

I only buy 4 tablets a month - cos it can get pricey.

Yeah not always - but it usually does. Take it an hour before sex.

I’m sorry to hear that. Have the police put out a BOLO for it!