The intelligence see-saw

The intelligence see-saw . Constantly going from " Wow I’m really intelligent " to " ■■■■ me how stupid can a person be ?"


Yeah been there, done that.


That made me laugh because I’m exactly like that.


It happens to me as well.
I guess we are slaves of our moods, which can change unexpectedly. Humans arent purely rational creatures. In fact we are much more emotional than rational.

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I’m way dumber on medication. It probably shows in tests and stuff but it’s all been downhill since my teenage years.

Seriously. It won’t change but that is life. I’ve made peace with all that. I don’t need to be smart anymore. I need to be able to listen and react and just be a bit street smart.

I can do that rather well so I’m winning! I don’t need to be the cleverest in the room to feel fulfilled!

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I’ve always been told I’m very intelligent.
The problem is I’m kind of ditzy, forgetful and easily confused, so it takes people a while to figure it out.

I’m always scared of being branded as stupid.

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My biggest weakness is directions and getting lost

why would that be, I’ve lived here nearly all my life

but GPS is against my religion

otherwise I’m quite comfortable in what I know

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I’ve been on meds so long it’s hard to tell if I’m dumber on them than I was before going on them.

I think what causes the see-saw effect for me is to some degree mood and also having a spiky profile where I’m very clever in some ways and have borderline intellectual functioning in other ways.

For example I’ll average about 72 on non- verbal tests online , and yet on 50 and 25 question sample Wonderlic like tests I scored in the 98th and 99th percentile respectively.

I definitely lack a lot of practical sense, and struggle with day to day practical tasks . If I had no family support I could easily end up in a group home because of it.

As it was living in Essex I avoided that but left to my own devices was not doing well at all. It was just that mental health services had only been around once since my wife died to give me my injection so had no idea how things were. My stepdaughter knew but couldn’t do much as we lived far apart. When I moved here she stressed the need for support and how bad things had been in Essex.

Major problem for me to the point I won’t go very far from home for fear of getting lost and trapped.

For those interested Getting Lost Forums

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This illness makes me stupid but I am still smart. When in grandeur i am the smartest person in the world

I’m an intelligent person who’s done a lot of stupid things

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I have seen intelligent people, with all sorts of degrees and success, do some pretty dumb things, happens to everyone

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My life’s a mess bc of all the stupid stuff I’ve done and I couldn’t help myself. Like I married a guy I didn’t want to because he wouldn’t leave my house and I didn’t want my little girl growing up seeing me shacking up

That was me at work for the past two weeks. It’s been challenging as of late.

Posting here hides a multitude of cognitive difficulties for me. @ozymandias I hope work gets better for you soon . You’re a really smart and much to be admired guy.

I used to be a very creative, intelligent guy.
But the truth is that these meds have dumbed me down quite a bit.

Especially Depakote.

I hope so too. This month has been eating me alive. I’m looking at trucking driving job ads.

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