The inferiority of incest

My paternal grandparents were first cousins. Their weaknesses got doubled.

After years of research about civilization I came to the conclusion that certain cultural narratives fostered family and community organization, and some of them even went as far as to stifle marrying children, child molestation, prostitution, and most of all incest.

I would say if you had 10 or 20 years to see the effects, you don’t have enough. Not even a few hundred years will produce substantial effects that anyone can point to, and anyone can say, “Yes, I see your point.”

But thousands of years of cultural narratives that stifled incest making it a taboo, and placed the good man in front of the psycho smart bad man, and placed the fool in front of the psycho smart bad man, and placed the good and smartest man in front of the entire community instead of allowing the psycho smart bad man to ruin everyone taking what they want, and wasting the families and produce that the people were making in general is something that changed the “superiority” of people.

My best example is the Hebrews compared to surrounding regions with their own regional narratives. When the Hebrew decedents of today are in jet dog fights with the surrounding regions, their win ratio is something like 5 to 1 or more, and they have always been this way ever since they had jets and pilots in the regions.

Upon closer examination you will see that the Hebrews established no more incest and other cultural features as far back as 1400 BC, and the surrounding did not, but instead established the commendation of incest thus promoting the ill effects of it.

But never the less over time it will all wash out if the culture is right for the job. If the culture is not right for this kind of “washing out,” then you can imagine the results.

It’s a complex world and a complex realm that we’re in and of, and most of what is going on today is the result of hundreds to thousands of years of what has already happened before. it will always be as complex if not more so, and what is going on today will have effects on what is going on in thousands of years from now maybe even millions.

I forgot where I saw it but there was something that said we are all descendants of inbreeds because tribes were just that way.


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