The Indian summer

My father used to tell about the Indian summers in the past. Basically it is so hot here in Finland that people say it is ‘the Indian summer’. Today I went to ride my bicycle in the early morning and it was +24 celcius degrees. It may rise over + 30 celcius today as it did yesterday. Would be a lot of fun if it will be +35 celcius degrees, that is 95 F degrees. I think that the global warming is great

That’s interesting. I always thought of Indian summer to be an American saying, referring for some reason to the native Americans… Indians. Was your father ever in the US?

Yes, it is referring to the Native American Indians. No, my father has never visited America.

The Indian summer in Finnish is ‘Intiaanikesä’, my father who is currently at the elderly care facility had many American expressions such as ‘jenkkitukka’ meaning ‘yankee hair cut’ and many others. I suppose that during the Cold War a lot of these expressions were used which is why Finland never became a part of the USSR.The world is like that.

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i always thought Finland was an area full of snow like Greenland.

Finland is long and the north part can be real cold, the south part real nice. I knew someone from Norway before and it’s about same… Alaska could also be included with that, with a cold climate in the north and temperate climate in the middle or south of the country…

Strange to hear of an Indian summer in the spring or summer though. I have always heard it referred to what Barbie posted, usually occurring in October or early November. Here I have seen it in December and January too.
Actually i remember a January in New England where it hit 70 degrees on January 17… the whole month was warm…very unusual for a place usually locked in snow at that time of year…

El Nino might affect this summer…hopefully it will be mild