The indepence factor-not sure what to do

I’ve been doing as much for myself as I can. Hence I now only have a reenablerment person come in in the mornings.He/she doesn’t have to do much.

The downside is that I’m experiencing increasing pain on my left side where the hip op was.Nothing like as bad as pre the op, but still noticeable.

I’m not at all sure what to do. There’s making an effort ,they say I’m doing excellently/very well, and there’s trying to go too far too fast in the healing process.

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have you been to a chiro.

I just got my mom a lumbar support brace today.
got it free on my insurance. it comes with heat and ice packs.

she says her pain is worst when standing in the kitchen,
cooking or cleaning.

Sorry to hear you’re still having pain. Have you asked the health people whether you’re to expect this?

Glad it’s not as bad, but might be worth checking if a physio or someone can help

Sounds like you have had a right time of it.

Hope you’re ok

Saw an osteopath several times a while ago. It was quite expensive, and only helped a bit.

I was told by someone who had the hip op it took them 12 weeks to fully recover. It’s 53 days since I had the op.

Fingers crossed it gets better by then so you’re out of pain

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