The incredible wrongness

There is nothing right about our bodies.

Everything that could go and be wrong with consciousness is our bodies.

Why pretend?

Eyeballs, rotting minds, teeth that will fall out of our heads, the worms will eat us and we’ll be all but forgotten, everything, it’s all wrong. Lungs, what the ■■■■ is that ■■■■, i don’t need lungs, lungs get filled up with the wrong things all of the time, and you’ve never felt such pain than when it happens, the swell of terror rises as high as a mountain when that ■■■■ goes down.

It’s all wrong.

Why would people keep doing this ■■■■? Are they forced to do it? Are they stupid? What happened?

Good or bad, no one would ever or should ever volunteer for this ■■■■, an evil evil person would just pass it up.

We must be forced in some way, or are just young dumb and full of you know what, mmmmmmm, just full of it.

You’ll know what i mean soon, if you have the wherewithall just don’t put anyone else here, you’ll know what i mean soon.

Frogs in a pot.

They’re starting to be able to halt the aging process, so that we could live 300 years as twenty-five year olds. I don’t know if I would want to live that long, though.