The importance of sz

I was just thinking about sz in the place it exists in relation to other things. So sz is considered an irrational state to be in. It is also absurd. I’ve thought about it as an ironic thing. In terms of reality it is an indirect reality to be in. In terms of freedom it is not necessarily a free state to be in, but it is considered out of control. It causes an individual to be alone and be suspicious of others. It is a disability rather than an ability. It’s prone to religiosity but religions view it as evil. It has a profile that can be used to identify it.

It is the relation of these things to a rational, objective, predictable, controlled, social and trusting, ability oriented, organized religious, and persecutory status quo which can occur anywhere, but can intensify perhaps under the rule of certain regimes. I was just thinking that sz occupies an important place in the scheme of things, and that perhaps the ways szs are treated in various places at various times are between those points on a continuum.


Schizophrenia is such a strange illness, honestly.

I shall ask God to explain it to me, when I die.

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