The Importance of Keeping Busy

Hi I’m back!!! I have completed a associate’s degree in History and moved to my own apartment by sadly essentially begging for it. The problem is that I have had very little to do lately. During the nearly 20 years of my illness which I was working or going to school I only was hospitalized one time for a reaction to a prescribed drug. In the last 7 months since I quit working or going to school I’ve been hospitalized 4 times in 7 months. I could come up with a legitimate reason for each one but the main story is that I have been idle. I was also paranoid of the new place I lived in because it’s the worst part of town but I am becoming less afraid and am beginning to make a few friends there. I am trying to move to a better place transportation wise but in the mean time I am learning to cook more things since food is my main currency (I was forced to go on food stamps), and reading a lot as well. I have some plans but don’t know if they will ever be acted on or not. I am also less obsessed with sex and cut down significantly on a decades long porn habit. My bikini app on my tablet was replaced with a weather app. I have also realized that my anger at my Mother was delusional and that she was simply trying to help me have a better life rather than keeping me down. I am glad the Psychiatric facilities I went to exist and seem to be turning things around now. I hope the Mental Health Parity Act and legislation like it help future schizophrenics have a more productive youth than I had and that future schizophrenics that are likely to exist in my family benefit from it.



Congratulations on all that progress. Very cool

Your right… keeping busy helps. When I’m not busy I tent to pay attention to my head circus more… giving it more power then it deserves.

With the getting out into your new place… learning to cook… meeting the people in your neighborhood… you sound like where I was 2 years ago.

That’s the part I’m sorting through too… letting of all that past guilt for some of my delusional thinking.

You sound like your doing great. Thanks for checking in… Keep up the great progress.

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Yes, I have often thought that I’m best when I’m active and busy too.

Tonight I’m going to see Wicked Women Slam Poetry. I hope these ladies can really slam it down!

Tomorrow taking my son to Dr. Seuss the musical and then a concert by the river.

Thanks for being an inspiration.