The importance of being positive

Some articles…

Wondering what others here are doing to try and focus on the positive rather than the negative? I try to avoid being negative because I have enough health issues without creating more, LOL.



I did self affirmations every morning and they made a crazy big impact.

I totally believe being positive can change your life.


Seed the positives and it would turn out to flower and fruit. :v: :metal:


When I started to get dragged down by the problems I have each day it’s helpful to remind myself of the problems I could have, but don’t.


Attitude of gratitude.


I cried because I had no shoes. Then I met a man who had no feet. So I said, “Hey, you have any shoes you’re not using?”



A more than worthy thread. It really does pay to be positive and it helps through the hard times for sure. I’ve always been the half glass full kinda person and it’s paid off over the years. Good post @velociraptor


Bump. I know it’s tough but it’s always good to see people succeeding with life even with the mental and physical hurdles. These links are worth having a look at if your a bit down or need a gee up!

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I’m doing my best to be positive about things and happy with my life. I’m a little short of cash this month after paying bills, so I’m going to go to my psych clinic as much as possible to get free lunches to save money. It will probably do me some good being there five days a week.

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Yep i try to put a positive spin on things when i can. And i try to help others with it too.

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LOL nick wins joke of the month :rofl:


[ bites @77nick77 on BOTH ankles ]

[ takes his shoes since not needed for next couple of weeks ]

[ pouts under couch after realizing the shoes aren’t turkey-sized ]


hippos begin grazing on nicks ankles to ensure shoes will not be a neccisity :smirk::drooling_face:


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That’s my invite to the treehouse gone!

Pfui. You’ll be just fine once I pump you full of caffeine.



Already fuelling up! It’s 8:15am here and on coffee no.3

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Seriously though - I know this is something I really need to work on.

Catastrophising is my big problem

Have always done it

My mother always reminds me of a meltdown I had on the plane when I was 3 because I thought it was going to crash!

The air hostess took me to see the pilot in the end, and I got to see the inside of the cockpit…

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I just wish you gave yourself more credit. Yeah, you’re in a bit of a rough patch, but if you could bring the awesome before you can do it again. I also think you should hang onto that van. You do damn fine landscaping work.



The problem I had was during Covid everyone was using a site I was signed up to called Checkatrade.

This marketing was fairly cheap, and it gave me lots of solid leads that turned into a full diary

When I signed up to it this year, the volume of enquires was far reduced, and what did come through was completely out of my area…

Then I realised that they had changed the algorithm, and unless you’re a big company getting lots of good reviews, then you sit several web pages behind them - even if they’re based far away

I don’t have the luxury of letting the business grow organically, as financial pressures mean that I do not have the time to do so…

This is why I have gone for the government job, as I realised with a bit of soul searching that I cannot rely on Checkatrade any longer, and people just don’t seem to have the demand due to prices at the moment

The cost of patio slabs as one example have gone up 40%!

Might re-visit it again, but not for now.

The above is what happened to the landscaping.

If only things were not in such a mess, then people might be spending, and the demand through Checkatrade would have been strong