The impact of schizophrenia and intelligence on the relationship between age and brain volume


I always thought age helped in this disorder and intelligence actually hurt. This article seems to say differently. I don’t have an understanding of grey matter…

But I posted once about getting a brain scan for validation purposes, and the consensus was that it’s not too important.

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After he solved a difficult problem I said to my work colleague ‘geez you’re so smart!’. To which he replied ‘it’s actually more of a burden…’.

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For me I phrase it that I “have confidence” in my intellect. Confidence can be misguided so I open myself up there.

But I like the “greenhouse effect” analogy regarding thoughts. I think it can emphasize feelings of loneliness for one thing.

Edit: I think we all get colored with the brush that we possess an “evil genius”. “Genius” and “insanity” get connected in peoples minds.

But I once heard this disorder described as “young persons dementia”. I wish people would think more along those lines. We would probably receive more help that way.

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I had MRI and cat scan a few years ago. I got white matter hyperintensities. My hippocampus was pretty symmetrical. I had a pineal cyst and a small white spot on my frontal lobe from chronic migraines. My intelligence/cognition has suffered. I can still do stuff but it is not the same.

Interestingly, i like 2 SNPs I think for larger brain volume and bigger hippocampus.

Today at coffee break I told 2 work colleagues in detail the plot of a musical I saw only once 20 years ago. They were pretty amazed that I could recall it after 20 years. I work in a university and I outperform at lot of people there as regards memory recall. My MRI looks pretty bad though, either I was born with a shrunken brain or else acquired the shrinkage.