The impact of physical restraint on people in mental health settings



I distinctly remember thinking when I was chained to a table by all four limbs so I couldn’t move for a few hours, “Man, this is barbaric.”


I had it done. I didn’t resist or anything, and figured it was needed though.


I haven’t had it done in mental health setting but I was restrained when I had my emergency c-section and I found it terrifying. I understood that it had to be done but it definitely made the whole experience more frightening.


Me too. Only I was always held down by five point restraints. Held down at my forehead, wrists and ankles. Every time. I was given NO mercy.


Really … I dont remember being strapped down for my C sec…



Is all I have the energy to say rn.


Mine was what they call a crash c- section. The epidural wasn’t working right and my son was dying so I felt the entire surgery. They strapped me down so I wouldn’t fight and possibly get us killed.

I did consent to it. I had the choice to wait but he may have died.


That must have been scary and painful. I’m glad you got through it alright.


Thanks. It was very unpleasant and probably why we never had more children but it was worth it.

I definitely feel for anybody who has to be strapped down though. It is frightening, even if you understand why it needs to happen. If one can’t understand it at the time it must be so terrifying.


My C sec was terrible … I had 4 vaginal … my 5th was C sec due to placenta previa and I got my tubes tied … maybe it was a double whammy from the tubal .:. But I hated it


The second time I was in the psych ward at Prairie St. John’s in Fargo, ND they wanted me to sign a paper saying it was ok to restrain me if I got aggressive since I had been aggressive in the past. It really pissed me off. The first time I was there an evil hick threatened to stab me twice and another big fat evil hick elbowed me a bunch of times on purpose and evil hicks threatened me. So what if I would’ve had to defend myself? Hopefully I wouldn’t be restrained at least not for long. Fortunately nothing happened.