The impact of D-cycloserine and sarcosine on in vivo frontal neural activity in a schizophrenia-like model


@firemonkey are these stuff helping or neutral…!!!

sarcosine has linked to prostate cancer…??

@twinklestars is it helping …?? so hard to come to conclusion as my cognitive and english understanding skill are unfunctional…!!!

Sarcosine does not cause prostate cancer. Levels of sarcosine in the prostate are elevated in people who have cancer, but that just means it’s a biomarker. It has never been linked to any risk for cancer.


They looked at a specific kind of neural activity in SZ-like mice, and found that D-cycloserine and sarcosine didn’t change that measure. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t help people or that it doesn’t have a different mechanism.They used an anti-NRG1 antibody to induce SZ-like symptoms in the mice. People might have all kinds of different things going on.

The actual trials in people have varied - some finding it helpful, some not. It’s always possible it helps some people and not others. It is also possible that it doesn’t help and that improvements found in the smaller studies were just random variation. But this doesn’t really tell us.


okay this mean it depends…!!!

I will try it out…!!

This isn’t really conclusive about sarcosine or d-cycloserine in terms of being helpful to people. They can only draw conclusions about the brainwaves they observed in rodents. I don’t think there are any large trials of sarcosine planned, so I don’t think there will be a definite answer soon. But there is plenty of anecdotal evidence and a limited amount of open label and small placebo controlled trials.

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Well that is really interesting:

Contrary to prediction, there was no significant D-cycloserine treatment effect on delusional distress or severity as measured by the SAPS or PSYRATS. An unexpected finding was an order effect, whereby subjects who received D-cycloserine first had significantly reduced delusional severity, distress, and belief conviction on PSYRATS compared to subjects who received placebo first. However, this finding is consistent with animal models in which D-cycloserine enhances learning only when accompanying the first exposure to training.

In this experiment they used 50mg of D-cycloserine once a week prior to CBT for delusions.

I did a bit of looking into this CBT facilitated by D-cycloserine. Apparently 12 weeks of CBT for delusions without using D-cycloserine has an effect size of 0.2 (considered a small effect), where as 2 consecutive days of CBT with D-cycloserine has an effect size of 0.8 (considered a large effect).

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That makes some sense , as CBT is reckoned to be overrated as a treatment for psychosis .


But perhaps only if administered with the first exposure to therapy.

It’s amazing how little - dosage wise and how few times you have to take it. But man, really seems like you have to get the timing right.

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I find that if I do a lot of CBT in the final two hours before bedtime then my brain seems to better consolidate the CBT during that night’s sleep. Consolidation of new beliefs best takes place during about 4 to 6 hours immediately after the CBT.