The ice in voices: Understanding negative content in auditory-verbal


They did a study of schizophrenics and 100% of the people studied experienced negative voices. I know I do. It is primarily negative talk.

Fantastic reading. I’d recommend reading this in depth insight into the condition even though it is long it is worth it!

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There is no “negative content” in my “voices”. Sometimes I hallucinate “negative characters” like demons or monsters. When this happens, I never feel threatened, only disgusted. Note, these hallucinations used to happen to me around every fifteen minutes during 3-4 years span.

I wonder what makes my case different. Personally I subdivide the nature of delusions madmen experience in two categories. That is, 1) delusions of grandeur; and 2) paranoia. I put myself into the first category that is “the chosen one” delusion. Are there any individuals who experience “negative content” in their “voices” and also have delusions of grandeur like myself?

The article mentions that those who have positive voices are more likely to experience delusions of grandeur. It is interesting that you don’t match that.

Sorry you mention earlier that you have no negative content and are thus more likely to experience delusions of grandeur as noted in the article.

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Well, this much is obvious. I wondered if there are any examples of the contrary. I guess there are none.

Well, it figures that those with positive self esteem have less negative voices. Those that do should try the Compassion focused therapy (CFT) to help alleviate the negativity.


The main problem we have here is that a lot of people think their voices are supernatural or externally inputted (Aliens), where as this research operates on the premise that voices are mostly caused by trauma and how the individual responds to it.

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I have not been diagnosed with delusions of grandeur but I think I do have them. The voices always chime in to put me back in my place. I have a history with my sisters always putting me back in my place after my ego swells up and I start feeling good about myself. I don’t know if that counts as trauma but that’s just a repeated life experience for me. You might say that it serves as a necessary reality check. I never appreciate the mean girl tone of the voices as it reminds me of my sisters.

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The heard voices learning the foolishness to the hearer,and distances him from the right and wrong objective
The listener is urged by the heard voice to believe a superstitious causes for most daily life events that he coexist with ,and in contrary urged him to believe not the actual causes of those events ,so he seems as he knows an actual causes of local / national events that the other people do not know !

Anyway,the term (negative content) is very poor in reach the connotation concept of the heard voices to the mind of readers (it is malicious content subjects )

For many reasons,after completing the person’s treatment with medicine ( 4 weeks,8 w ,12 or more according to the period determined by the Dr,) and his condition improved .

Attention should be paid to knowing the content of the ideological,cultural cognitive changes that occurred in the self-thoughts of the person by action of hallucination emitter from the sz occurrence to current moment, these changes which made him far from reality ( if his thoughts /behaviors were compared to those ordinary people in the society )

You should help the person to distinguishing between what is real and not in his self-thoughts which changed by the functional activity of the hallucination emitter ,because the ideological changes in the self-thoughts of the human host is the main goal of the hallucination emitter (and the whole sz condition ),it is malicious changes from all aspects of views !

Great article, thanks for posting

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From our knowledge,this is the actual content of the topics that the voice emitter (hallucination) is interested in talking about with the human hearer;
1-The personal identity of the hearer and the emitter personality (s)
2-The holy personalities and the hostile rejected characters according to the details of the religious belief that the hearer believes in

3-The personal identity of some individuals living in the same society (they me be including family members,relatives,neighbors,classmates,work colleagues or employers)
(who I am and others are -all others)
4-All types of personal /social relationships that bind a person to others in private /public life

5-Detail of the events of past memories brought together the person and others from his society,including visual/audio detail,specially those that left disgraceful mark on the hearer’s psyche

6-All the local /global phenomena that the hearer knew in the past and coincided with occurrence in the present time when the hearer was subject to the influence of the hallucination emitter (s)

7- Detail of the daily life events that the hearer coexists with,at home,street,transportation and all public places …etc
8- The content of the self-knowledge (personal culture ) that the hearer has acquired or learned during his life journey in the environment in which he was born and lived until the moment

9- The life and what can happen after life

Therefore,outside of what we say is considering irrelevant the actual content of the whole hallucination phenomenon !

I don’t see how feeling good about yourself is a delusion of grandeur. Grandiosity involves the feeling that YOU ARE the BEST, dramatically so. It just sounds like when you do have positive feelings about yourself negative content voices attempt to counterblast your positivity. Take control if you can. Ego is generally healthy if its down to earth.

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We think that,the original phenomenon is much more complicated than describing it with the terminology (negative content in auditory-verbal )

It is supposed that the relevant subject to study is to knowing the patterns of functional activities mechanism of the voice emitter (hallucination) throughout the basic nature (biology/psychology ) of the human host

It means that in reality(regardless the subjects content of the voice message);
1-knowing the nature of the raw voice material of the hallucinator emitter
2-The method of voice transmission
3- The method of receiving the voice message
4- the direct effect of the voice message on the Auditory Perceptive Receptors
5- ALL changes that take place after reception and understanding the meaning of the voice emitter message
6- All possible of the host’s responses (reactions of the recipient ) towards the voice message of the hallucination emitter

the original phenomenon in nature Is ;
A tow-way mutual dialogue mechanism between the hallucination emitter and the conscious mind of a human listener ,to exchange the higher mental data in 2 opposite direction

Whereas,the hallucination emitter sends his voice message (vocal thought in nature) to the human hearer,the human listener perceives the meaning of the message content ,whereas he has 2 options,accept the meaning of the message and the result of that, the meaning of the message becomes a natural part of his personal knowledge,or reject the received message and it not be taken as a part of the self-knowledge - but he must made a mental response ( release an anti- idea immediately in about 1,2 or 3 seconds as a mix. possible time )

So,the human hearer becomes a sender (voice emitter) and transmits his mental response to the other interlocutor (hallucination which becomes a listener )

You should know the speed of the voice message (in two different directions) from the moment of beginning to the end,frequency of transmission and reception ,the rate of repetition of message exchanged per unit time,the large amount of neural energy that drains while sending /receiving the exchanged messages

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The hallucination in short words;
It is in itself an unexampled miracle (supernatural meta-physic entity not from the human race)
It adds endless myths,illusions,delusions,cognitive deceptions and malicious feelings to the record of one’s actions (self-knowledge content) throughout a mutual dialogue between it and the conscious mind of the recipient,which does not add any new useful knowledge to the recipient,because the mutual dialogue processes work to impede the current mental /behavioral activities of the person that supposed to achieve the fundamental interests of the person in his life

So it’s like a radio system or telegraphs right?