The hvac guy


there is something seriously wrong with the dude. I think he’s mental. first he said he would be here last Friday…never showed. then he told my dad…he would make it down during the weekend…never showed. he did show up at church to talk to him after the service last sunday and said he’d be down on Monday…never showed. then he told my dad he would be here Wednesday night, that he was determined to work late that night. my dad stayed up waiting for him til 9pm and of course he never showed. skip a day for thanksgiving. but today again he said he would be here in the afternoon and hasn’t made it down…what the ■■■■ is wrong with this dude. why does he keep saying he’s going to be here if he’s not. his word doesn’t mean a thing I kept telling my dad. he’s done work for us in the past and did a good job but this year he’s ■■■■. I think he’s on drugs or something.

dad says he must have some more lucrative jobs, he’s already been paid $7,000 by us and he stands to make another $7,000 when he gets the job done. he keeps saying the job won’t take long.


well he says he expects to be done this week, but he’s not here today. he’s not very professional. mom talked to another guy who had him do some work for him and he said it was the same story. took a long time to get the work done.


me and dad estimate he’s done 10 hours of work so far. we’re getting hosed. they don’t work full days either, they show up for a few hours and go home.

I’ve often heard multi-taskers aren’t as productive as they like to think they are.


That stinks! I hope he gets the job done soon! Is he a family friend?


kind of but not really. he goes to the same church as my parents. his mom was one of my teachers in high school. he was a few years older than me so I never hung out with him growing up.

dad says he’s busy making service runs, but he has an installation guy that works for him who isn’t real reliable either. I hope it’s done soon as well. their saying this week…but I have my doubts.


Hope this joker gets his act together and finishes your house so you can move on with life!


seriously. was just talking to my sister yesterday at the game and she was saying she didn’t think mom and dad would be in their new house by Christmas. although they hold onto their optimism. I was hoping for a fresh start to the new year in my own place.


You’re moving out on your own? First time?


no I lived on my own during college and into my mid twenties. moved back in with mom and dad then to save some money about 8 years ago. also I lived in my car for a year.

i’ll be buying my parents 2 bd 2ba trailer. it’s a rent to own agreement. I’ll pay 500/mo. they just built a house literally right across the street, so they wont be far away. was thinking of getting a roommate, maybe going to wait on that to see how I do living by myself.

the property sits on 2 acres I can do my gardening on.


Congratulations! That sounds like a great set up! What will you plant in your garden?


if I garden I will grow kale, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, onions and temperate herbs. I just want to be able to supply myself with an organic salad all year, the kale is winter hardy.


I won a $1 bet with mom. I bet the hvac guys wouldn’t show today. they said they were sending 2 guys down to work all day but of course they didn’t make it. they also said it would be done by Friday but I guess that’s pushed back a day now.

chumps are all talk. they’re probably all getting baked, sitting on there couch, eating Cheetos and watching cops. or maybe judge judy or something.


so basically the guy who owns the business is in contact with my dad. he gives him assurances that the work will get done and makes promises he can’t keep. the whole thing is juvenile but he’s 40 years old. should have gone with somebody else.


mostly im disappointed in myself for actually believing that it would be done by Friday. im just not going to pay any attention to it and one day it will finally be done.


well now I feel like a fool. he showed up 10 minutes ago. there is only 1 guy though. doubt he gets much done. maybe he’ll work late, usually they take off in a couple hours.


well the guy was here yesterday and did a surprising amount of work. however he didn’t finish. they said it would be done by Friday. no surprise it’s not. they say they have 8-10 hrs more labor here. optimistically im thinking it will be done next week some time.


they worked 2 or 3 days this week but didn’t get finished. I think he underestimated the amount of work that had to be done. dad thinks they have 2 more days labor ahead of them. this thing just keeps dragging on.


they have been showing up more frequently and working longer hours. so I think it will get done before Christmas.


when I woke up today there were 4 hvac guys over there working. yesterday the one who owns the business said he thought it would be another 4hrs labor but he underestimated again. it’s finally nearing completion though as the heat is on in the house but they still have a few things to do. so the saga continues. right now I think they are out to lunch, maybe they went home for the day im not sure.

hopefully my next post will be the last concerning the hvac guys


so the heat is working. the head guy says he still needs to put 8 pounds of Freon in the lines or something like that. dad told me but it’s a little over my head. I don’t anticipate he’ll come and finish up before the new year’s but maybe.

dad won’t pay him in full until he’s done so he should be around some time soon.

the heating system is nice though, it’s warm and runs quiet. the head guy sold my dad on how efficient this model would be so that’s what he went with. dad says he’s not going to recommend this guy to anybody else, another contractor said the job should have taken 3 days total, but who knows. at least it’s almost done and working properly.