The human expected self control

I guess that’s what makes us different from other animals. And then we try to “tame” them.

A tamed animal is a 'more faithful companion that its human. Maybe that’s why we do it.

I don’t know - I just now got our dog to come inside after barking at the fireworks for more than an hour.

Fireworks punch dogs’ buttons. Is the dog bonded to all of you?

I don’t understand bonding too well. I’d say no. He does get excited when I feed him.

We are about to give away a border collie. I will be glad to be able to get some sleep again at night as Doofus is incapable of shutting up. A bit of self-control would be nice.


Could be lack of training -

He spends all day sleeping and all night warning coyotes out of our yard. Found a family willing to take him and he ceases to be our problem after Monday. A friendly sort, but hard on the nerves.


My dad had to give up a dog once because it hated me and all my friends with a passion. He would lie in wait and attack us in the hallway once ripping my friends pants right off him…

Only animal I’ve ever met who didn’t like me, and he HATED me! My dad tried everything but eventually had to give him back to the breeder.

He was a Belgian shepherd I believe.

My family once got a puppy that we named Caleb. He was a sweet dog but, as most puppies do, he liked to chew on things and tear the place up. He wasn’t yet house trained either, so it was a rough time.

My family were busy with their lives and couldn’t give the necessary attention to him that he needed. They got rid of him.

I still remember how he’d always wake me in the morning, licking and jumping on me till I woke up to play with him. It makes me smile thinking about it.

I had held a lot of resentment towards my family for a long time because of the way they got rid of him. He was just a typical puppy, it was their responsibility to train him. I always felt like that dog, like my family got rid of me because they found me inconvenient.

I let that all go, now only a fondness for that little guy remains.

I think that we have too many animals among humans that divert our senses from the complete picture of why human kind is really unique !!!

Well, we are lucky in that our daughter agrees he is not a good fit for our family and will be much happier in his new home. He needs constant stimulation and we can’t provide. New owners will keep him much busier.


Yeah Border Collies are high maintenance dogs - they need tons of physical exercise and mental stimulation