The human certainly is unique

Sometimes I really think I’d rather be a cat.


In anthropology class, the professor once asked us what animal we would like to be. I immediately thought, “Dragon”, unfortunately she said we couldn’t be dinosaurs or imaginary creatures. The guy sitting next to me chose to be a tree so when I got called on I said, “Eagle” so I could fly from tree to tree.

Many cats do have a great life though.


I agree. A domesticated cat - what a life. I envy my cat. No stresses, doesn’t go hungry or thirty, his mess is cleaned up for him and he can sleep all day.


Yes but many dogs and cats have horrible lives as well. If I could be a Charles or an Oliver I’d be pretty happy too. :heart_eyes_cat::dog2:

But I’m pretty comfortable being human even with all the nasty stuff that was done to me in the past.


I would love to be a housecat, in a loving family. Just lounging away on the windowsill, soaking up sun. Getting pats and pets; lots of affection. That would be the life. 🐈‍⬛


In my next life (I don’t really believe in reincarnation - just a saying), I’m coming back as one of my cats.

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