The hound of the baskervilles

so we went and visited shrek ( my brother in law )
the dark one…( my sister in law )
the giant children…wtf !?!
…and the giant dog !!
so i went outside to get something from the ute and the hound of the baskervilles :dog2: is standing on top of the bonnet of the car :car: …!?!
it was looking at me and said " what are you going to do about it dark sith ? " ( the dog :dog: surprisingly speaks very good ’ sith '…!?! )
i took out my lightsaber and killed it…( that bit is not true, though i do have a light saber !?! )
take care :alien:


**Didn`t go well at the in-laws? :wink: **

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Darksith, master of the disturbingly cute smileys :smiley: your evil is intoxicating