The hostilities in my life have somewhat abated

I am grateful that my world feels a whole lot less hostile than it felt before.

sometimes pockets of hostilities still pop up but basically it seems under some decent control now. I am so grateful.

what’s doing in your lives?



Can’t stay asleep.

Good to hear you’re finding peace.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that I feel less desperate than I used to. When I was young I felt like life was passing me by - like I was being denied some of the best things in existence. I don’t feel that nearly so much now. I am more content. I’ve mentioned this several times before, but in AA they talk about “judging your insides by other people’s outsides”. I used to look at people and it looked like they were so much happier than me. They looked like they were having fun, and I wasn’t. I got in this four year long relationship with a young woman. She talked constantly about things I wasn’t interested in. She irritated me. (She was probably too good for me, but that’s another story.) She drove me crazy. One time we were in a bookstore, and she was showing me pictures from a book called “The Joy of Sex”. I realized that if I had seen us from the outside I would have been so jealous. I would have thought I was crazy for not cherishing this young woman. But, as it was, she just irritated me. Then I realized that so much of my jealousy of other people was misplaced.


Abation is one of my favorite things.

Im glad that things are abating in your life.


I’m glad your feeing better.

Having less pressure and stress is great for helping people heal and feel better.

Some things in my life are going well… some are really bothering me.

I’m sure it’s that way with everyone.

Take care… :v:

I must say I am very lucky to be alive in this dangerous and treacherous cold war filled planet earth.